Baby Bottles Nipples

As consumers, we trust that all the products we bought in any shop are safe and harmless. Whether you confirm out the baby bottles in malls and department store, you can look a large variation of it with different brands. Have you ever thought what and how these baby bottles are created of? Or what substances or chemicals are used to make glass feeding bottles? When we heat the glass bottles for sterilization or place some warm milk, have you ever thought what happens to the substances in it?Most manufacturers of glass feeding bottles use Bisphenol to done these things. Recent studies display that whenever you apply heat to glass feeding bottles, about 3 to seven components per billion of bisphenol leach into the baby formula. Consequently the long term effects of glass in our baby’s well-being has not been established yet, but should you risk any long term side effect for your child just for the reason of convenience and affordability? As parents, what should we do to hold this from happening?Apparently, we should try to hold from creating use of these glass feeding bottles and begin creating use of glass feeding bottles again. Bisphenol was linked to multiple well-being problems for example cancer, miscarriage, sex hormone effects, and early puberty. As regarding the moment there is no scientific proof on how bisphenol affects the well-being and development of babies, but scientist and well-being professionals are already working on it.

A friend of mine should always sprint to kiss her father, when she was still a child, every time his father came home from work at the Asbestos factory. This happened method return in 1940. It not ever occur to her that a simple kiss for her father should lead to some serious respiratory problem called Mesothelioma, which she to live with for the rest of her life. Studies display that there is a strong link between asbestos and mesothelioma. I know that if her father knew of this harmful effect, he would not have exposed his daughter to asbestos powder that is located on his clothes.Now like a parent, we would not have knowledge of if we are exposing our babies to the harmful effects of bisphenol basically due to the fact that we have no plan of its long term effects. But should you really take that risk for your child? Your decision shall shape a good impact on your child’s well-being multiple years from now. So make decisions wisely.I do agree that general glass feeding bottles should be a bit of inconvenience, but there exists now glass feeding bottles that are free from bisphenol and are being sold in to well-being shops. However, as they can be delicately and specially created for the safety of babies, we can expect that these things can really be expensive.Conclusively, it is still up to us to make the decision for our children. With all the harmful environmental problems within the space for example sure chemicals that we should deal with everyday, we definitely don’t ever need to ponder about bisphenols in our baby’s formula. This only adds up to the continuous stress we are dealing with everyday. So now I’ll leave you with this thought to ponder on. Whatever you decide on, make sure to make a smart decision.

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