Best Baby Bottles On The Market

Our son Luke was nine months old when we went to Pefkos on the Greek Lake of Rhodes for a 3 week holiday, our first holiday abroad since his birth. At home he was chewing 3 pulverised foods a day, which generally consisted of baby porridge every morning, chicken and veggie for lunch and veggie with rusk for tea. All of these were prepared by us with new components and each food was accompanied by a bottle of infant formula milk, with an more bottle at bedtime. Although we had carefully chosen our accommodation to make sure that that we had a kitchenette, we knew it should not be practical to bake and get ready all of Luke’s foods from new components with only simple facilities. It should also not have been feasible to pack enough of Luke’s food in our suitcases to final 3 weeks.

We basically did not have the space or flight mass allowance to do this. We decided to pack enough baby porridge for 3 weeks, as this was dried and did not weigh a lot. We also packed a full tub of infant formula powder. This alone took up almost one kilogram of luggage allowance! We also bought some ready-made formula milk, along with a couple of veggie pots, within the departure lounge for use during the journey. Once in Pefkos we located that the regional supermarkets offered plenty of new veggie and vegetables.

Bananas, two of Luke’s favourites and an with no problems mashed and ready food, were widely stocked within the regional supermarkets. As many of these supermarkets were reveal until around 10pm, this ensured that we always had an available supply of suitable food. However, without more pantry equipment, for example a food blender, we located it difficult to get ready many regarding the other vegetables and veggie to compulsory consistency. Many Greek resorts have quieter regions where tourist numbers are slightly decreased than within the resorts’ centres. We were staying at the quieter end of Pefkos, which had a little smaller supermarkets and a limited stock of baby food.

But only a brief walk brought us into the more tourist orientated region of Pefkos, where the slightly larger supermarkets offered a tiny but adequate section of most dried and pre-prepared baby food. Consequently we preferred to release Luke freshly cooked food, we reasoned that a bit of convenience baby food while on holiday was acceptable when facilities for preparation were so limited. About 10 days into the holiday we realised that we should shortly be running out of infant formula powder. This was cause for concern, as we had not seen any for sale in any regarding the supermarkets we had visited. Upon asking one regarding the supermarket owners, we were directed to regional pharmacy where we were can buy infant formula powder.

It was an alternate brand from the one we generally use, but this did not worry us. The pharmacist spoke excellent English and was even can instruct us on how to combine it. We did not see any regarding the larger shops on the lake as we should have wanted to hire a car to obtain there. Even so, we located that we should manage with no problems together with the things we took with us and those available locally in Pefkos. Of course, all babies have their own lone needs.

What works for one baby will not necessarily be right for another. And the availability of things at other times and in different components regarding the Greek Islands shall vary. These are just our experiences from our family holiday in 2010. For advice about childcare and travelling with a baby, consult a healthcare professional.